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The Billing, revenue and debt recovery software choice is often limited to packages originating from the US, adapted for UK and EU use. Actius has been designed in the UK specifically for the UK and European markets. Suitable for numbers of Collectors ranging from 1 to 10000. Actius includes the complete case and contact management for millions of customer account transactions, credit control and debt recovery accounts.

This highly innovative platform can house your entire customer account administration functions - new accounts, billing, statementing, collections, recovery, customer lifecycle administration and more..

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Debt Collection and Recovery

Actius can take your existing billing or collections function to a new level of efficiency and performance. Actius provides an effective way of billing, administering and collecting customer invoices & accounts across all types of billing cycle. Our largest system currently manages a multi client portfolio of over 1 million accounts and almost 1 billion pounds in customer balances.


Our global monitoring board and dashboard also allows you to see targets and achievements as they happen in realtime, to a performance monitoring dashboard within Actius. This enables all users to gain an immediate understanding of current monthly performance at global, team and individual level.

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Credit Processing and Accounting

Actius is best deployed to large scale customer operations that require multi transactional management - including fixed or variable amount regular billing. Actius will generate invoices, statements, tailored reminders and collection letters from light arrears, fin diffs to defaults.

We provide tailored billing, account management or collection strategies on an efficient enterprise class server platform. Actius provides an effective way of billing, administering and collecting customer invoices and accounts across all types of billing cycle.

Actius is also already integrated with some key telephony products enabling one click dialling, screen popping using CLI and other key features

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Class Leading Performance

Better management of your existing customers means lower running costs, higher yields and increased profitability. Actius can be deployed on a range of Enterprise class servers suitable to whichever business size and infrastructure is appropriate for your needs. Although maintable by your own inhouse IT function, support is never far away as we maintain close links whilst you are using the software and will work closely with you to further develop or enhance around your particular requirements.


Actius provides comprehensive managment information in a real time environment to all levels of management resulting in tailored or tactical management of portfolio or individual tranches of customers - based upon customer behaviour and analysis.


What we offer

Actius International Limited provides expertise and software solutions relating to the billing and collection cycles for commercial and consumer accounts. The software has been developed around high volume, multi transactional environments such as the regular billing and collection of gas, electricity, water and telecommunications accounts. However, the software also provides Debt Collection software to Agencies with an excellent tool to reside and collect out delinquent customer accounts.


How does it work?

Actius has been designed to manage large volumes of customer accounts - it is able to manage billing frequencies and cycle together with statementing, account payment and escalation of collections strategies.

The system has been developed to incorporate bulk imports of new customer accounts or single entry new input. You are able to tailor the entire life cycle management of your customers. Actius has been built with ease of operator use in mind. The logical and intuitive user interface enables training cost reductions as staff become proficient more quickly.


Why choose us

Our software architecture ensures reliability and rapid redeployment should circumstances change Efficiency of the software results in lower hardware costs and we generally utilise enterprise server technologies.

By choosing us you will have access to a range of services including, Customised design utilising our software platform, a Management information dashboard, monitoring tools, Billing and statementing production and design, Billing and collections consultancy, Specialist auditing and more....

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